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We plan together. Then STAMFORG TECHNOLOGIES will take it from there.
The installation, assembly or relocation of large machinery/systems takes detailed planning. We advise you from the outset and work closely with you on the project planning and scheduling. Once you and our team members are sure that we have thought of everything, that’s when we start our work. We coordinate the process of moving the existing systems, including all the associated equipment and ensuring we meet all the latest safety requirements. This covers everything from risk assessments before beginning work to certifying machinery tests and ensuring all health and safety regulations are met. STAMFORG TECHNOLOGIES ensures that fire protection measures are adhered to and prepares the related documentation.


There are many benefits to rebuilding or retrofitting existing equipment. First, the cost of a rebuild or retrofit is substantially lower than the cost of a new industrial machine. For example, rebuilds utilize the original functioning parts and only restore what is necessary – not wasting money on duplicate parts! Second, any operating issues or problems are resolved with a rebuild and the machine will continue to have a long life cycle. Additionally, the ROI will be maximized as the issue of depreciation of a new asset is avoided. Retrofits and rebuilds are less expensive than new purchases, at the sametime machine can achive OEM tolerances and performances. Rebuilding will include new controls, lube system and pneumatics systems. Clutch & brake conversions are another way we can help modernize your stamping presses.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and delivering your parts, to your location, faster than anyone else! Our team has over 25 years of experience in the industry, experience we use to source quality spare parts at competitive prices. We do maintain stocks for our esteemed customers at our end for immediate shipping. Our service is made available within 24 hours anywhere in India, it is just travelling time for our service team to reach you.


The key to lean maintenance is having a strong preventative and predictive maintenance program. STAMFORG TECHNOLOGIES can provide preventative maintenance

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